Self Love

First responders helping person in crisis

Sometimes it takes crisis to create change…

I really hate to admit this, but sometimes, we humans can’t even approach the thought of a much-needed change in our lives unless and until a crisis occurs. I see this with clients all the time, they might be caring for a loved one who desperately needs assisted living or even memory-care placement, but that individual wants nothing to do with such a change in their life – it feels like too much choice, autonomy and freedom would be ripped away. So, they resist.

Minnesota health coach self compassion book

Mindful Self-Compassion. . .

I bought myself Kristin Neff’s book, Self-Compassion, this week with the intention of reading it before year’s end and using its wisdom with my clients. Little did I realize how much I have to learn about being self-compassionate; this book may become a good tool for my clients, but for now, it is an excellent tool for me!