Self Care

An adult learner with curly hair pulled back into a pony-tail sits at her desk with her laptop, with a bowl and spoon held in one hand while the other taps a key on the keyboard. There are plants on either side of the desk, a brick wall in the back of the image, and a mason jar with dried flowers next to the laptop.

From Andragogy to Heutagogy with Circles…

I spent most of my graduate school years (in the 1970s) studying the foundations of Adult Learning as set forth by Malcolm Knowles who advised educators to move into a new age of appreciation for the self-directed adult learner. His book, The Modern Practice of Adult Education; Andragogy versus Pedagogy (see below), guided much of my curriculum and influenced my thinking for my career as a nurse-educator.

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Ground level image of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC with the Washington Monument out of focus in the background. The foreground is focused on engraved names of fallen soldiers with an American flag placed on the sidewalk.

A Memorial Day Monday Reflection. . .

On this Memorial Day, it is worth a moment of our time to remember that we are free to enjoy our holiday, step away from our daily work, and be in a mode of celebration with our friends and family because brave Americans have, for centuries, been willing to engage in military service and, when called upon, to go to war. Our freedom is because of their sacrifice.

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A mid-size SUV drives down an open back road through a field of golden grasses to one side of the road, and green grasses and small shrubbery on the other. The city is faded in the distance as the car drives in the opposite direction.

Celebrating the road trip (again)…

 In May, I am celebrating two road trips and, surprisingly, in June I’ll make a third trip! All this is completely amazing for me because (as those of you who are primary caregivers know) it can be pretty impossible to orchestrate a trip either with your loved one, or even harder, without your loved one!  These are business trips, so I need to make them on my own.

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A laptop displays a financial budget with two hands on the keyboard.

Financial wellbeing, even for caregivers. . .

According to a new AARP study, three-quarters of the nation’s 48 million unpaid family caregivers who responded to their query reported spending an average of $7,242 annually on out-of-pocket costs related to caregiving.  That’s a lot of money but it clearly doesn’t reflect the additional costs of housing or memory care should your loved one need care in a facility setting. Those costs can skyrocket to $10-15K monthly depending on where you live, especially here, in Minnesota.

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The phrase "love your life" sits in neon lights over the top of a multi-colored, striped background

What if you could LOVE your life?

There’s a lot of noise out there on how to love your life. I call it noise because the advice I’ve discovered isn’t based on a shared understanding of what it means to love your life. No one’s asking the question, “What’s not to love?” and listening for the deeper, honest answers that reflect what’s not working, what’s causing pain or what’s distracting from a deeper connection with life.

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