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When it feels like life is on hold. . .

A lot of caregivers, while committed to the work of seeing a loved one through the journey of an illness, begin to feel as if their own lives are on hold. This is difficult at any age, but it can be particularly challenging for young people who find themselves eager to launch their careers and dreams but are caring for a parent or even a sibling who needs their constant supervision or support.

It is so sad to hear people talk (or admit that they think) about their lives as being postponed, put off, set aside or deferred in some way just because the demands of caregiving have limited their activities or require so much of their time. In other words, the work of caregiving has taken such precedence over other choices in life that we can begin to feel as if our OWN lives are missing in action, while we take care of someone else!

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You’ll Never Walk Alone. . .

Since its first recording, by Frank Sinatra in 1945, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” has been reinterpreted by many musicians, perhaps most recently by Josh Groban in 2015. Its lyrics are formed by a relatively short, 17-line poem, written as a song by Rogers & Hammerstein for musical Carousel.

This song reminds me so much of the nature of my work – certainly, when clients come to me they often feel VERY alone and completely overwhelmed by the caregiver roles they fill. This is true whether they are parents of a special-needs-child or the sole caregiver for a spouse with dementia. That sense of being alone is, in itself, depressing.

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Attributes Every Caregiver Needs: Gratitude, Grace & Grit

I haven’t focused on Gratitude as a theme since November (Thanksgiving) of last year, but I want to return to it today because I am definitely noticing how much I have to be grateful for and I’m hoping this is true for you as well.

Grace is not a theme we’ve touched on here (at least, I don’t recall it) and I’m reminded by a dear Jewish friend that the word itself is tied up in Christian origins, so that may be the reason we don’t talk about it much – it’s not a part of the common lexicon but starting today I’m hoping it will be.

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