Self-Care Skills We ALL Need to Practice!

The course I’ve built for caregivers, Overwhelmed to Overjoyed: Caregiver Transformation through Self-Care (or O-2-O for short), covers the five essential self-care skills that all of us need to embrace and practice in our everyday lives. Life is challenging, but caregiving makes it even more difficult (for most caregivers) and when those stressors begin to overwhelm us, it is definitely time to adopt some healthier strategies for change and wellbeing. Even if your life is on-track and you don’t need to look after the health & wellbeing needs of someone else (trust me, sooner or later, you will!) these are skills that keep us in balance – they help us manage that essential sense of equilibrium, even in the midst of everyday chaos. What are these skills? Here is what the course covers (in case you were wondering) and why I believe that these skills are foundational to creating lasting and healthy change in our lives:
  • Name the pain! You can’t heal what you can’t name – if you don’t know what it is that’s driving you to distraction, you’re stuck trying to cope with it, and that’s no way to live. So, naming exactly what makes life (or caregiving) hard for you is an essential first step. Most of my clients are reluctant to take this first step. It feels like defeat; but until you know what it is you need to change or conquer, you’re not ready for the work ahead!
  • Imagine a new you! Everything that’s ever been created was first born in the imagination. All too often caregivers struggle to imagine a different way of being, a better life, a less-cumbersome and manageable lifestyle. So, honing our capacity for imagination is key to building the future we want. Yes, sometimes you need a journal, a vision-board and even a coach to help you discover what you DO want in your future scenario!
  • Boundaries! Caregivers seem particularly unskilled at saying “No!” to anyone – they stretch themselves in that useless attempt to be all things to all people which is an impossible task. Finding a way to set a boundary and keep it intact is an important life-skill for all of us, especially if you’re in a caregiving role. You can’t do it all, be it all or even pretend that you should be! Boundaries mean healthy limits. Boundaries also feed our sense of agency!
  • Joy! Many overwhelmed caregivers cannot even imagine JOY. They only recall the experience of joy from some distant, past encounter and they certainly can’t name the joy in their everyday life experiences. That’s sad, but it isn’t an impossible situation. In the course we cover the rediscovery of joy in new, and sometimes surprising places. It’s a learning curve, but it is very valuable!
  • Gratitude! It’s my bias that everyone (not only caregivers) needs a gratitude practice. Gratitude can amplify and magnify joy – it reminds us of all that is GOOD and RIGHT in our world – and that is especially important in a world where the daily news is often bad, and our in-person encounters are disappointing rather than uplifting. So, learning to find your gratitude and express it regularly is critical to re-inventing your life.
Are these skills you have and practice regularly? If not, you’re welcome to check out my online course, Overwhelmed to Overjoyed: Caregiver Transformation through Self-Care (or O-2-O for short). You don’t have to show your credentials as a caregiver to enroll in the course! These are skills that everyone could benefit from practicing, especially when life feels oppressive or overwhelming. I’m very excited to put this product out into the world where caregivers (and other learners, too) can connect with these self-care skills and begin to practice them. These are skills that all my clients find essential as they learn to establish and sustain their sense of equilibrium in life. As for me, they are core to my own ability to continue as a caregiver and a coach, now after 10 years of “life with Alzheimer’s” here in my house!
Overwhelmed to Overjoyed: Caregiver Transformation Through Self Care

The course will “open” for registration in February and be fully operational for learners to engage with it then. This is thanks to some AMAZING assistance from the technology wizards at Wellspired Co. who also built my website! I could never have gotten this far without their wisdom and assistance.

You can locate the link to this course on my website’s Services page. Feel free to take a look or send friends/acquaintances who might value this course in addition to my website.

I’m also available to make presentations that can introduce the course to likely audiences – church groups, senior centers, or neighborhood gatherings where caregivers matter!

I hope you will amplify my excitement and share this bit of promotional language about the course. I also trust that if you spot elements of opportunity in my description of these essential self-care skills, places where YOU could be doing a better job of self-care, that you’ll  be in touch, and  and let me know how I can help!

Self-care is every conscious action you take that feeds your soul, nourishes your body, nurtures your spirit, or replenishes your relationship with yourself!

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I help other caregivers – both professionals and family caregivers – acknowledge their pain and learn to practice the many small skills of self-care that can sustain them through the challenges of wholeheartedly caring for others.

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How Can I Help You?

Through Co-Create 4 Life, you will learn a range of well-being strategies from skillfully implementing self-care to holistic approaches to well-being, rebuilding resilience, and battling burnout. Book a free consultation call today to discuss your options.

How Can I Help You?

Through Co-Create 4 Life, you will learn a range of well-being strategies from skillfully implementing self-care to holistic approaches to well-being, rebuilding resilience, and battling burnout. Book a free consultation call today to discuss your options.