Is your Heart Chakra Optimistic?


February makes me think of my heart chakra!  And, for the month of February, I am contemplating the meaning of OPTIMISM.  I am thinking, optimism is like abundance – it is something that appears everywhere in my consciousness.  I am optimistic about school, about my health, about the possibility of changing (even radically) who and how I am. 

Optimism is evident in my conversations with others – even when I am discouraged, I tend to be positive in my belief that things could change, improve, turn around.  I am able to see myself as a “work in progress” because I have optimism and to be compassionate with myself when I’m not “perfect” as a result.  Hopefully, this compassion can extend to others and emanate from my heart chakra as a positive force for good in the world, optimistic compassion (believing the best about others – especially those who would ordinarily annoy me).

Optimism is a state of mind.  It permeates my daily endeavors – it allows me to say, “life is proceeding just as it should – everything is in its rightful place and time” and to believe it.  Optimism can be present as I put the dishes away and clear the kitchen; it is available when I’m working out in my simple and halting way; it can get me through a day of internship coaching even when I am admitting my errors along the way.  Optimism allows me to believe all can be well, even if, in a given moment, I am not.

Change is possible, and this alone is enough to make me optimistic.  My heart chakra is open and optimistic, it is radiating and receiving compassion.

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