Creating Order


I’ve aspired to the idea that creating order is an essential part of enjoying life. At the same time, the actual creation of order has frequently eluded me. I think of myself as a well-organized person (although, compared to the level of skill my husband used to demonstrate in that area, my skills are minimal!) who can take on any project and keep its many parts in order. 

To illustrate this point, I’ve just joined a client in pursuit of their company’s reclamation of “order” and I am just the consultant to help them achieve the improvements they’re after – again, if it is WORK related, I’m the order-creation queen.

What do I mean by “order” – well, it is the concept behind all those popular books out right now on keeping your life uncluttered and orderly. . .

  • One Year to an Organized Life: From Your Closets to Your Finances, the Week-by-Week Guide to Getting Completely Organized for Good  – by Regina Leeds
  • Let It Go: Downsizing Your Way to a Richer, Happier Life — by Peter Walsh
  • Unclutter Your Life in One Week — by Erin Rooney Doland
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing — by Marie Kondo

I aspire to all that, and yet, when you enter my home, you see no evidence of that aspiration!  It is one of those “life changes” that THIS coach still needs to work on! And, I do believe it is an aspiration that, once realized, could indeed improve my life!

I think that is the key distinction in understanding my dissonance in this area – when it comes to WORK, I’m very organized. When it comes to the rest of my life – things are much more random!  And, isn’t it the Book of Wisdom that reminds us, “We teach that which we most need to learn?”

What’s your aspiration? What do you long to change in your life and behavior that remains a struggle for you? Have you thought that maybe (just maybe) working through all that with a life or health coach could be a valuable place to start?

For me, it is definitely on my list of topics to discuss with MY coach! I doubt that it is a life-skill I’ll master either by reading a book or by wishing for it.  It is, I believe, a pursuit worth discussing and one which will be transformative in my life once it is achieved!

This life-change will require that I conquer my fear, “What if I throw that out and I need it later?” inspired by my depression-era parents. And, it will require that I address my limiting beliefs, “But having a back-up colander is important, isn’t it?” inspired by my life-long search for things that aren’t in their rightful place!

Join me, won’t you? Name your aspiration and find a way to move toward the marvelous life improvement it will afford you once you master the change!

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