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Just as a Sherpa guides, counsels, and helps carry the load so climbers safely navigate a treacherous climb up a mountain, Paula can be your Sherpa helping you see the clearest path up your mountain of worries, tasks and burdens. The to-long to-to list and heavy emotional burdens you are carrying clearly show in your body & leave you with concerns that have you doubting that any good news can really be good. You choose instead to wait anxiously for that other shoe to drop. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will be physically & emotionally unable to care for anyone else. Taking care of the caregiver is something I’ve finally learned to do for myself. It makes a huge difference in how I view myself, my responsibilities, my life, and my world. You’ll find Paula won’t tell you what to do, she will listen with her ears and her heart & will help you find the best path for yourself.

- Past OTO Participant

I would recommend Paula to anyone else who is looking for a health coach whatever their background may be.

- A.D.

Actuarial Analyst

With an outlook reminiscent of the unconditional positive regard of humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers, Dr. Forte provides an environment wherein the client feels safe and supported despite any challenges or obstacles which have brought them to this particular moment in time. Her integrative approach to the health and wellness of the whole person is truly what makes this experience positive, transformative, and meaningful.

- T.V.