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Self-Care, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It!

We also invent reasons for avoiding self-care, sometimes because we’ve confused self-care with pampering or self-indulgence (as might be the case with the nail scenario above). Self-care isn’t simply about making ourselves feel important (worthy?) or comfortable, or attractive – self-care is about consciously taking action to feed the soul, nourish the body, nurture the spirit and most of all, replenish the relationship we’re building with ourselves!

Relationship couple holding hands with love

Repairing Relationships

No doubt you’ve heard me say before, to be a healthy caregiver you need a team of people around you that you can count on for assistance and support. However, building those relationships, and perhaps more importantly, repairing those relationships if they’ve become fractured, is an important skill set for all of us.

Comfy bed for relaxation and focus

Time after time. . .

There’s a phenomenon that I notice as the holidays approach – it’s like a time compression or a time warp.  The list of things I want to accomplish seems to grow longer and the time in which I have to wrap things up for the year seems to grow shorter. There are other “symptoms” associated with this phenomenon as well. . .

Man struggling with practicing self-compassion

Practicing Self-Compassion. . .

For most of us, this can be confusing, we’re struggling to be compassionate and kind to ourselves, often in the hope that it will make us feel better than we usually do. But this is a misconception. We move toward self-compassion in order to accept all of who we are – the parts that feel good, and the parts that experience pain, sadness, grief or suffering, and still be compassionate!

Love and family can heal holiday struggles

It is officially the Holiday Season!

Lots of people struggle with holiday stress – it’s as if there’s a national competition going on for who can be the most anxious person over the never-ending details of celebrating our winter holidays.  We start from the premise that perfection is possible (it’s not, no matter what the well-curated magazine covers portray).  The sooner we let go of that notion of the “perfect” holiday, the more breathing space we’ll make for ourselves and others with whom we share the season.