August 2023

An invitation to a fundraising event to help Maui.

Loss can invite healing…

It’s counter-intuitive but, in the midst of loss there is a unique opportunity for healing. I know this because I’ve seen it, time and time again. I’m participating in a Loss & Grief Circle this summer and among the things I’ve learned there, in that trusted, safe and sacred conversation is that loss is an inevitable consequence of being human.

Diagram of a collage.

Creating a vision of what might be. . .

Are you someone who’s created a vision-board for your heart’s desires? Have you made a collage of important quotations, key words and images that motivate you toward the goals you’ve set for your life? If so, then, you’ll likely understand the essence of this blog.

Some of the toughest road-blocks to imagining the future you want are the belief systems that limit your thinking and discourage you from imagining that you can have the life you want, or that you deserve to have that life!