February 2023

Child having a great time making snow angels

The Gift of Time. . .

I have to admit that, even though I knew to expect snow (a blizzard, really) this week and I realized that a number of regularly scheduled things would be closed or canceled because of it, I was still somehow unprepared for the “gift of time” that came my way.

I was all set to stay indoors, I’d gone to the grocery store, stocked up on the essentials for the week, and managed my appointments. I knew the snow was coming and that I didn’t want to be out driving in it if I didn’t need to be. But what I didn’t count on was HOW I’d use the extra time that was suddenly available to me! I entered the snowstorm week unprepared to manage my time!

Male focused working on something on his desk

Attributes Every Caregiver Needs: Gratitude, Grace & Grit

I haven’t focused on Gratitude as a theme since November (Thanksgiving) of last year, but I want to return to it today because I am definitely noticing how much I have to be grateful for and I’m hoping this is true for you as well.

Grace is not a theme we’ve touched on here (at least, I don’t recall it) and I’m reminded by a dear Jewish friend that the word itself is tied up in Christian origins, so that may be the reason we don’t talk about it much – it’s not a part of the common lexicon but starting today I’m hoping it will be.

First responders helping person in crisis

Sometimes it takes crisis to create change…

I really hate to admit this, but sometimes, we humans can’t even approach the thought of a much-needed change in our lives unless and until a crisis occurs. I see this with clients all the time, they might be caring for a loved one who desperately needs assisted living or even memory-care placement, but that individual wants nothing to do with such a change in their life – it feels like too much choice, autonomy and freedom would be ripped away. So, they resist.