January 2023

Cup of coffee and flower

Self-Care, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It!

We also invent reasons for avoiding self-care, sometimes because we’ve confused self-care with pampering or self-indulgence (as might be the case with the nail scenario above). Self-care isn’t simply about making ourselves feel important (worthy?) or comfortable, or attractive – self-care is about consciously taking action to feed the soul, nourish the body, nurture the spirit and most of all, replenish the relationship we’re building with ourselves!

Relationship couple holding hands with love

Repairing Relationships

No doubt you’ve heard me say before, to be a healthy caregiver you need a team of people around you that you can count on for assistance and support. However, building those relationships, and perhaps more importantly, repairing those relationships if they’ve become fractured, is an important skill set for all of us.