These are sessions designed to answer your questions, meet your learning needs and set you on a path for deeper understanding of your illness and your options for better health.  In these personalized sessions we can review medications, treatment options, concerns you’re struggling with or even how to talk about your health needs with others – including professional healthcare providers.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Health coaching is a client-directed conversation.  As your health coach I create a safe space for your health journey; I remain constantly self-aware and listen deeply with compassion and a non-judgmental spirit.  As a coach, I’m mindful of all that may transact between us,  and I partner with my clients on their journey toward health, wherever that may take us. It is my job to remain present to support and encourage the positive changes you seek for your life.

Health coaching is available now by phone and can be scheduled by using the contact form or by connecting with Paula by email at pforte1125@gmail.com.