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Paula S. Forté, PhD, RN
Speaker, Author, Guide

Paula has lived and worked in the Twin Cities as a nurse educator, administrator, and consultant since 1985 and has now launched her own business, Co-Create 4 Life, a person-to-person educational consulting company to assist professional and family caregivers learn to successfully integrate self-care into their everyday activities.  She is certified as a guided imagery practitioner and welcomes 1:1 sessions as well as group presentations to meet your needs.

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Creating Order

7/17/2019 I’ve aspired to the idea that creating order is an essential part of enjoying life. At the same time, the actual creation of order has frequently eluded me. I think of myself as a well-organized person (although, compared to the level of skill my husband used to demonstrate in that area, my skills are … Continue reading Creating Order

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