Manifesting my life. . .


What does it mean to “manifest” or attract the things you desire?  You may have read The Secret or be familiar with the Law of Attraction.  These are explanations for that state of affairs in which the energy we put out into the world magnifies itself and returns to us in a similar fashion.  Put out love and kindness, get love and kindness in return.  Most folks call it Karma.

Recently, a whole bunch of amazingly good things have come into my life – large and small – some have been brought by people (old friends and new acquaintances) others by organizations, still others have seemed to simply “show up” on my doorstep.  Here are just some of those good things. . .

  • The apartment in the lower level has been cleaned, painted, re-carpeted and cleansed & I believe I have a buyer ($100) for the used furniture making room for more fresh energy there!
  • I was offered the perfect part-time job that will start later this summer (just as the State’s Unemployment Insurance evaporates).  I will provide services as a  project coordinator and work-flow manager – exactly what I wanted as I launch a business of my own!
  • An abstract I submitted for Nursing Education Research Conference 2020, “What Prompts Nurses to Introduce Integrative Approaches to Care?,” (based on a research project done while at Fairview) has been selected for an oral presentation; Conference is in Washington, DC from March 26 to 28, 2020.
  • The book (I’ve worked on for a year) is fully drafted and off to peer-reviewers. It is due to be sent to the publisher early in August. We just selected cover art (which looks surprisingly like my new business card!).
  • I’m being considered as a speaker for an event at Ebenezer (Fairview) in the fall.
  • I’m being considered as a speaker for the Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group in October.
  • As I’ve written here before, I’ve found a web-master (high school/college student extraordinaire!)
  • I’ve learned that I can rent (pretty cheaply) rooms at the Senior Center and at the Eden Prairie Community Center for both my school needs (coaching) and for community presentations.  I’m a little nervous but, my intuition is saying I should book some “getting to know you” sessions with my community to introduce the ideas of self-care for family caregivers and the benefits of health coaching.

My question is – am I manifesting these things?

I don’t want to get in my own way here, but I am a little uncertain about what differentiates manifestation from the fruits of diligent, hard work!?!  It feels like a lot has come quickly – so, it’s hard to know where the hard work stops (having done all it can) and the manifestation begins!  I don’t know the answer, but I am increasingly a believer that what we put out into the world returns to us, magnified and with abundance!

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