Let Me Hear your Body Talk!


Our bodies have wisdom within them. They house memories and events, pleasures and traumas, hopes and hurts and only when we’re paying attention do our bodies reveal their intimate wisdom. 

It shows up in strange ways, as a pinch in the neck that we write off as too much computer time, or a strain in a joint (that we cannot recall injuring) that manifests, maybe just to get our attention. The body doesn’t often have a voice – although you can give it one – so it takes other tactics to slow us down, call us (literally) to our senses, and ask of us what it so deeply wants and needs.

My body is asking a lot of me this week.  I had a minor surgical procedure on Monday and here it is Wednesday, and my foot still wants special attention!  It wants to be elevated (or else it throbs).  It wants to be medicated (or else it stings), and it wants to be iced (or else it swells) – so, noisy little appendage that it is, it gets what it wants! 

My shoulder hasn’t been so fortunate as my foot.  It was screaming at me last week and I tried very hard to ignore it.  That is, until in preparation for Monday’s procedure, I went to a restorative yoga and Thai massage class where I became very clear that my shoulder had every right to ask for it’s due.  After all, it was complaining about all the weight I’ve been shouldering this summer!  Bodies seem to like puns.

Finally in taking the class, I gave it what it needed most, rest and passive movement and stretching.  This week, it is feeling much better.  It also talked to me (no, don’t lock me up, it is a Guided Imagery technique to talk to our bodies!) and what it had to say was noteworthy – “I can shoulder a lot, but you’ve got to stop stressing about money all the time!” Interesting conversation – especially with a body part.

So, while I haven’t given up “stressing” completely (although it would be an excellent pursuit), I have let go of a lot of money-worry that simply can’t be fixed by thinking about the problem!  And, I am pleased to report, my shoulder is doing much better!

What’s your body telling you?  Have you taken the time to listen to it? Are you thinking that all the pain and grief are just “empty complaints” or might you be willing to learn what the wisdom of your body actually has to say?

Let me know if you need a translator. I’m pretty good at helping the body have a voice. Yours might have amazing things to tell you, that you can only learn by tuning into your inner wisdom and your body’s sacred knowledge of who you are and what you need.

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