Disappointment, it happens.


Some wise person once said: “Don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams.” That’s my new mantra for the week.  I hit a big bump in the road this week and it felt like a major disappointment for my business life. 

I had an expectation, “This is great, it will continue to flourish!” – and then it stopped.  A client I thought I’d serve for years cut the contract short and is no longer using my services.  I’m sad. I’m disappointed. But, I’m not heart-broken.  It isn’t the end of our friendship, just this business arrangement.  Perhaps we’ll have other business arrangements in the future.

For now, however I need to get back on my horse and ride into the future of whatever is next!  I’m taking a course this summer that reminds its learners we must BE, then DO, then HAVE, and in that order.  Most of us clamor to HAVE (money, success, prosperity) so we can do all we long to do and be who we hope to be. 

But the course says, our path must be exactly the opposite; First BE who we want to be (or become).  For me, the intention I’ve set for who I want to be is simply this,

I am a powerful woman whose business endeavors flourish.  I am touching the lives of people daily and serving as a teacher, guide and coach.  I am actively writing, speaking, teaching, coaching and earning more money than even my most ambitious goals.  Life is good, it is rich, it is bountiful and I am grateful for all its abundance!”

Who do you aspire to be (or become)? Are you ready to declare that intention? 

Are you prepared to DO the work that your intention inspires and demands?  Only then, can we expect that the rest of life will rally to our aid, support our dreams and help us realize our deepest ambitions!

Put it out there, do the work and watch what comes!

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