Ask for What you Need, it Increases the Probability you’ll Get it!


I learned that saying decades ago from a friend and a nurse who also taught me, “What you Think About, you Bring About.”  A wise woman, to be sure!

Like most people, I forget (or don’t want) to ask for what I need.  Simply admitting that I have needs makes me look vulnerable, and probably I’m concerned about looking week and not having it “all together” in front of other people.  It’s a common difficulty we human’s face. 

But today I’m going to practice asking for what I need more boldly.  I’m having a marvelous summer and for a 2-month-old business, Co-Create 4 Life is doing remarkably well (although we have a lot of work to do to meet the goals I’ve set for the business!). 

Currently, my needs are more personal than work-related. So, here’s what I need right now, in the middle of summer, 2019. . .

What do you “need” in your life?  Are you willing to boldly put your requests out there so the Universe can respond to you?  Are you willing to be vulnerable enough to risk looking “needy” when you’d rather appear completely “pulled together?”

Today I’m ready. Will you join me?

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