March 2023

Woman riding train smiling at her phone

Building Healthy Boundaries

I emailed a friend this week and got an immediate response that at first seemed like it was a typical “out-of-office” email, but it was even better. The email said, “I’ve stepped away from my electronic devices today and will respond to you in a day or so when I reconnect.”

What a healthy boundary to set for yourself! To simply put your devices aside (for a day, maybe a weekend) and allow yourself the calm and quiet of an uninterrupted period of time for anything you need, creativity, in-person connections, rest – the possibilities are endless!

Cupcake for a birthday celebration

Counting the gains. . .

I just celebrated a birthday. It wasn’t one of the “big” birthdays (like 50, when you feel life’s half over or 65 when you need to sign up for Medicare or 75 when, I presume you take stock of what “old” is supposed to feel like) it was just an ordinary birthday.

It did however make me pause and take stock of my life, what I’m up to, what I’m accomplishing (or avoiding) and where I had hoped to be a year ago vs. where I find myself today. It was a way of counting the gains – a way of asking what have I really added to my life over the last year?